Why was the ECSEC created

The process leading to the human colonization of space has already started. Within a few decades, human stationing will be operating on the Moon and Mars. There is a turning point in human history and the start of new forms of economy and business potential.

Space economy is now a reality

Telecommunication satellites foster the creation of new businesses all over the world and - by sending and receiving internet data - contribute to the spread of the web all over the planet. Satellite survey techniques opened up new scenarios for research and preservation of natural resources. Several private companies around the world are investing in the forthcoming exploitation of rare metals on asteroids. ​

The "Exploration" market (as it is called in space jargon), that is dedicated to the exploration of the Moon, Mars and the Solar System is the one for which the highest growth trend is expected. ​​

The implementation of the technologies needed requires a relatively short time to be developed, and the results achieved may have a rapid application within the entire terrestrial supply chain. For this reason, Space research and the development of the Space Economy is the main focus of the Competence Center research work.

A new start

After the COVID experience, we want to offer the whole Ticino region the possibility of a new start with the opening of new business scenarios. The Center intends to select and develop the most promising and performing projects in the Space sector in order to become an international landmark for the whole sector. ​

Just like in the past with watchmaking - when Switzerland started later than other countries, but then stood out by creating the first reliable wristwatch and conquering a leadership that still lasts today - the same thing can happen in the Space industry. ​​

It’s up to us.

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