Develop new skills to enter the space market

ECSEC, in collaboration with international experts and partners, has created a series of courses dedicated to professionals and managers who want to acquire the skills needed to enter the space market.


Space Technologies and Space Economy – Basic Level

This 3-hour course provides the necessary know-how on state of the art, and on major research & application areas in the space sector. Participants will learn the primary topics of astronautics and the applied and developing technological areas for human exploration of the Moon and Mars. Also, industry experts will present an insight into the structure and functions of the International Space Station. The course ends with introducing the values and development trends of the space economy in the world.


Space Design and Architecture

The course aims to provide the information elements to know the purposes and applications of space architecture. This class of 3 is extremely practical and focused on the principles of habitat design and construction on the Moon and Mars. The course highlights the main issues related to the use of materials in space and information on the environmental conditions of space sites.


Robotics applied to space

This 3-hour course focus on the main themes of robotics applied to the exploration of the Moon and Mars. Participants will learn the basic concepts of navigation and autonomous control and the environmental conditions of navigation. Through examples from the history of space robotic missions, ECSEC experts will analyze the main experiments carried out and future research perspectives. The course ends with an in-depth study of the main concepts related to flying robotic units, such as drones, for planetary exploration purposes.

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