There is strength in numbers

The operating companies in this area are countless. Many of them, whether operating in closer sectors or other accessory segments, will be affected by the technological revolution that is taking place in the Space sector. Sooner or later, we will all have to face the advancing innovation.

Becoming a partner of ECSEC means improving your status, your skills, your knowledge, and your business opportunities. Contact us, and let’s consider together which form of membership fits best your professional reality.​


Basic Benefits

Participation in the discussion meetings and presentation of the Centre’s activities.

Participation in collective brainstorming for the development of new ideas and opportunities.

Participation in networking events to generate new synergies and collaborations between partners.

Immediate access to the technologies and solutions developed in the Center.

Access to the technical files produced by the Centre’s activities.

Be allowed to use patents developed by the Center.

Right of preemption on the shares of the start-ups and spin-offs of the Competence Center.

Strategic benefits

Internationalize your profession. The activities of the Center, by its nature, connect the Space sector with the most dynamic realities in the world.

Protect yourself from the cyclic nature of the market. The Centre’s activities support business also during stagnation periods because the Space sector has its independent growth, which is only partially reduced by the periodical crisis of the traditional economy.

Become shareholders of innovative companies in an industry with high-profit margins.

Participate in international funding calls for companies operating in the Space sector only.

Develop synergies with other operators of the supply chain.

Act as a global protagonist.

Access to new markets and new opportunities.



Have equipped and unequipped spaces such as sheds, offices, laboratories, etc.

Work closely with all the partners in the supply chain.

To have direct connections with universities and both national and international research centers.

To receive support in obtaining research funds.

To receive support in drafting business plans.

To receive support in analysis and in patent procedures.

To receive support in finding lenders.

Private investors

If you believe in the potential of the sector but are not interested in the technical and industrial aspects, you can simply decide to invest in or support our Center.

Right of preemption on the shares of the start-ups and spin-offs of the Competence Center.

Analysis and assessment of the technologies’ economic and financial potential and solutions developed.

Access to all the benefits reserved for the companies listed above.

Private and institutional sponsor

If you wish to associate your brand with an innovative reality operating in a wide-ranging business such as construction, you are welcomed to become a sponsor of the Center.

Depending on the budget, and operating in a shared way, we will develop communication that to your reality will add the authority, the educational value, and the scientific research that characterize the Center.

Academic and research partners

We thirst for synergies and value everything that can contribute to the development and is consistent with our mission.

We are open to evaluating collaborations with research institutes and both national and international academic institutions.



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