The European Center For Space Exploration and Colonization is born.

An opportunity for the whole supply chain.



We develop industrial technologies

We launch projects whose aim is to contribute to the development of the Space Economy by triggering new businesses in the terrestrial sector.

We register patents

We patent items and guide our partners through the process to develop high-performance technologies.

We do networking

We organize professional updating events and discussions between the players in the supply chain of our area, with the participation of the major operators in the Space sector.

We help companies

We organize initiatives to help our partners build their own operating "know-how" in the Space sector.

We launch new start-ups

We create new start-ups and spin-offs that our partners can join to expand their business area.

We attract new brains

We help the territory to attract new brilliant international professional figures.



ECSEC wants to become a reference point in the Space industry. It’s a sector that will radically change the economy of the planet Earth as never before.

We are a research centre and, at the same time, an across-the-board network in the entire supply chain, within which we bring new technologies, skills and processes, to attract the best minds and the leading international companies.

The most pragmatic aspect of the Center is the development of technical and strategic ideas and solutions that will give rise to patents and will make it possible to develop new businesses.​



Benefits for institutions, businesses and organizations

Benefits for start-ups and developing companies

Benefits for freelancers

Benefits for private investors

Benefits for Academic and Research Institutes

Benefits for private sponsors



The Center makes its knowledge, skills and technologies available free of charge to launch projects in developing countries that handle humanitarian applications of the results of space research. Those projects are, for instance, the exploitation of energy resources and the recycling of water.

Access to water and energy is the key issue of 800 million people in the world who have an income of € 2/day. Other space-based technologies such as those related to 3D printing of buildings can contribute to building low-cost and safe homes in areas with low economic development.

With the Center expertise, we can develop projects that involve our local partners and authorities in developing countries, coordinating interventions that will transfer technological solutions initially designed for the Space sector.

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